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Scratched Glass Repair and Glass Graffiti Removal

The advancement in technology has brought about the revolution of the glass scratch removal and repair according to your preferred needs. There are several things that may cause the scratches such as excessive mineral deposits. At Your Window Wizard, we are able to restore and repair any window pane that has been damaged by scratches or stains and make the pane to look as good as new. Our vast experience over years has enabled us to gain so much knowledge in glass scratch repair as well as the stained windows thus enabling our esteemed customer to avoid so many costs that may be involved in replacement process.

Regardless of the specifications and types of window panes, our team of experts is able to fix and repair it thus giving it a new finish. Whatever the cause of these scratches, be it from construction, manufacturer or any other issue, we are able to give you the best of service for the scratches.

The old methods of trying to deal with scratches involved polishing the pane by use of a polishing paste that is usually in very small in particles. The problem with this method is that they are only effective for the fine scratches that are not noticeable. At our company, we ensure that we not only remove the fine scratches but even the stubborn and deep scratches.

Our system for removing these scratches includes all necessary equipment and supplies. We not only seek to remove these scratches but we can also teach on ways that you canas well remove the scratches on your own. As much as we are in business, we put the interests of our clients first and we advise on the best possible ways that you can save on cost as well as have the best quality services.

When repairing the scratches from the glass, we apply 3 D structures that vary in size thus enabling complete removal of the scratches. The essence of having these different sizes is to enable you to remove the scratch as well as restore the area within the shortest time possible. Our products are designed and engineered by doing a thorough research and development to ensure that the kind of repairs that we undertake are of high quality than any other alternative that you might be having in mind. It is for this reason that has enables us to be the most preferred door and window repair company amongst our competitors.

In our glass scratch repair, we incorporate water feed machine that only uses water so as to lubricate as well as cool off the glass as the scratch is removed. There will be use of special discs depending with the extent of the scratch, the different sizes of the discs ensures that there is no distortion and this serves as one of our best ways of dealing with scratch damage on any kind of glass service. Regardless of the glass issue that you may be having, we work hard to ensure that all is sorted and that you are fully satisfied by the end result.

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