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One of the perfect ways to fix the problem with posts is to consider cementing the area so as to give the best results. In a case where the parts under the ground are broken or rotten, we advise that the post ought to be pulled up so that we can evaluate the damage level and if there is need for a new post.

Letterbox repair

Mailboxes have been in use for quite a long time and many a times thy are not well maintained thus they fail to givethe optimum service quality that they should Installation of mailboxesrequires proper skills just installation and design of windows and doors. When installing a letterbox, it is important to ensure that it does not lean or loosen at the ground as time goes by. No matter how your letterbox looks, we are able to conduct a letterbox repair and make it look and work as a new one. Loosening of the mailbox can be caused by several factors such as; soil erosion, poor installation, wood rotting under the ground.

When you contact us for the letterbox repair, our first step is to have pre-visit, assess how bad the damage is and advise on the best way you can repair it without spending a lot of money on it. If the damage is severe, we may opt for replacement of the whole letterbox. If there is no much damage, we may just straighten and repair the broken parts that are under the ground.

At our company, we supply and install all parts of a letter box. We are not only limited to the supporting posts. We also repair and install the broken parts and advise on the best ways that we can improve the security of your letterbox. Regardless of the specifications of the materials used to make your letterbox, we have a wide variety of materials that would fit whatever need that you may have.

Our duty is not only to repair and install, some of the letterboxes are quite old and some of the materials used to make the box risky when it comes to security. In such a case, we look at the designs and styles that we can improve in order, not only to improve the security of your letterbox but also to create a design that you would feel proud of. We understand that letterboxes create a picture in any visitor’s mind before they can even get in the building. It is for this reason that we are very conscious about the design that we will give your letterbox and still match the theme of your business or residence.

Letterbox Repair

Our major concern about the letterbox is to conduct door letterbox repair as this is the part that would say so much about the security of your mails and parcels. In this, we have to assess the door frame, the kind of locks that are used, i.e. how vulnerable are they? Also we assess the hinges of the letterbox door. We ensure that we work with our clients so as to ensure that the end result is exactly what was needed.

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