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Repair or seal broken glass or windows with air leaks to reduce draughts and heat loss.

Draughts and leaks can occur around doors and windows especially if there is a problem in the alignment or presence of a gap on one side of the window. Also, if the hinges are old and worn out to an extent that they are unable to pull in the sash tightly, it can result to draughts. When installing the window and door frames, it is very important to ensure that they are properly fitted especially if the frame has been warped. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It would cost you far much less if you put in preventative measures that would save you loads of money for leaks and draughts repair.

At Your window wizard, we ensure that we get rid of all these leaks and draughts in a professional manner that will make it look as good as new. Our vast experience in this industry has enables us gain ample knowledge on how to go about repairing the leaks and draughts. In addition to this, we replace and/or repair other items such as broken seals, bad rendering, deterioration of gasket, etc.

When assessing the extent of the leaks repair that is needed, we are very sure that the inspection and detection of leaks will completely get rid of any leak issues that you may be having in your building. Leaks are not only risky for your building also they can pose health risks to your body. We also ensure that the repairs and replacements are not only safe and efficient but they are also very effective and friendly on costs.

Our process for fixing the leak and draught issues normally start by assessing, discuss it with you, give you the best advice regarding these issues. From the word go, our main aim is building a solid relationship with our clients by putting their interest first. We take the project like we would like it delivered to us. Having said that, it guarantees you that we not only need to gain from the clients but also we aim at providing a long term solution for the problems that you could be having with the fixtures in your building.

With so much leaks and draughts in your building, you will find that your building is not retaining as much heat as it should and the more the problem stays without being checked, the more costly it may turn to be in the long run. We advise that the draught repairs should be carried as early as possible in order to avoid loss of time, money and damage.

If the damage is too much, we will replace the whole window and/or the doors. We have different tools and accessories that fir the needs that you may be having for your windows. Also, we advise on the best designs and styles that will not only cater for your building’s look but it reduces the security risk. You can contact us for effective solutions to the leaks and draughts that may be in your building.

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Your Window Wizard is a company located in Essex specialized in interior designs, that is, the doors, windows and locks. We are dedicated to provide highest professional solutions and services that suit your building as well as the taste and preference of an individual.

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