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There is bad and good condensation. For instance, during the winter season in Collier row, the windows will condense from inside the room and you ought to be able to easily wipe it off.  This condensation occurs as a result of differences in temperatures between the inner and outer part of the house. During summertime, condensation occurs mostly on the outer part of the window because the air insider is cooler than that which is outside.

If condensation occurs between the window panes, it means that there is a condensation problem. In such a case, you need to immediately contact Your Window Wizard in Collier row so that the issue can be assessed and repaired before it becomes tough calling for repair. This type of condensation cannot be easily wiped from either the inner or outer part of the window. It basically means that the seal in the insulated glass is broken thus making the window to lose heat to the outside. This calls for the replacement of the whole insulated glass so as to restore its functionality.

When installing double glazing units, we ensure that they are properly installed and there is a strong barrier to prevent the air exchange in and out of the house. If they are combined with the prevailing humidity, there is more condensation than before.

In some cases, when building a new house, there are contractors that use materials with high levels of moisture as well as other wet materials. These materials need some time to dry and if they are not given this time, they bring about condensation even when the window installation has not served you for long. However, it takes about 8-10 months for the new home window installation to adjust and settle.

Condensation on your windows can be a small problem but it should not be taken lightly because there will be adverse effects in the near future. This excessive moisture ends up penetrating the wall around the window frame. These issues need to be addressed early because they may result in mold, fungus, as well as rotting of the wood.

Such cases not only affect the structure and look of your window but it also poses danger to your body health. If you notice any condensation problems that you are trying to wipe but it is not going away, kindly speak to Your Window Wizard representative in Collie Row and you will get advice and recommendations that suits your specific needs.

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