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Double glazing units are one of the most common window installation types in the current buildings. There are a lot of benefits that come up with an installation of double glazing units. For instance, it prevents the loss of heat through the windows which is required in the house especially during the cold winter season. By preventing the loss of heat, it leads to the reduction of energy bills that you could have spent in the heating systems.

Also, double glazing windows help in noise reduction. Your Window Wizard is a top rated door and window repair in South Ockendon. We give you the most competitive market rates. Our team of experts helps you in selecting the best design and style that fits your needs and budget. We offer a wide range of double glazing units that are magnificently designed. They are built to last and you can be assured of a long-term service.

Regardless of the sizes, we cater for all property and whether it is residential or commercial property, we have solutions for each of these. We customize our repairs and replacement that ensures that our clients are satisfied with our work delivery.  Our many years of service ensures that we are easily able to gauge what issues you could be having with your window units and if there is a replacement needed or a repair would do.

We are fully accredited and insured thus guaranteeing our client great and top-of-range services. You can rely on us for the installation and repair of secure double glazing windows as well as doors to protect you.

Durability comes as a basic consideration when we are supplying, repairing or replacing the double glazing units in South Ockendon.  If you are seeking to repair of an already existing window, our duty is to first assess how bad is the damage as well as the window type. This ensures that we deliver the units that would best suit your frame and design of your property.

While at it, we may recommend replacement if we assess your window units and find that even if we repair, the entire window frame may not support the intended repair, we seek to work in a way that will leave our clients satisfied for a long time without seeking any repairs.

To repair or to replace depends on the age of the window if the units are the traditional one or the new sealed unit.

Your Window Wizard is a company located in Essex specialized in interior designs, that is, the doors, windows and locks. We are dedicated to provide highest professional solutions and services that suit your building as well as the taste and preference of an individual.

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