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There are two types of double glazing units. That is, the traditional and the new sealed units. The traditional units are made up of two panes that contain an aluminum space bar between them. This has been a common double glazing way that has been used for over 30 years. However, with the modern technology in the glass design as well as processing, these units may not be effective and it has resulted to the increased use of new sealed units.

The new sealed units are thermally efficient as they are made up of two glass panes. One of the panes, the inner one, has a coating which reflects heat towards the room. This glass is commonly referred to as low energy glass and it is very efficient in energy savings. In these harsh economic times, you need to look out for ways that will save you a few bucks. Proper installation of double glazing window units is a great way to cut on energy bills as they reduce the loss of heat through the windows. The two glasses fitted minimizes the exchange of the hot and cold air form in and out of the house respectively.

Your Window Wizard is reputable in fitting these double glazing units that will be efficient in cutting huge expense. We specialize in repair and replacement of double-glazed windows as well as conservatories. With our vast experience in repairing and replacement, we ensure that we customize all our clients’ needs that fit their design and budget when it comes to window repairs.

Once we assess how damaged your windows are, we advise if it is worthy repairing or replacing the entire window. While we work to ensure that your doors and windows are in the best possible condition, we encourage property owners to take great care and proper maintenance of these facilities so as to know in case of a slight problem that may occur. The earlier an issue is detected, the easier and cheaper it will be to repair it.

We ensure that your windows and doors are performing the way they were intended to do. You also need to keep on lubricating all the moving parts and adjustments to ensure that they are correctly operating.

Whatever issue we have, Your Window Wizard in Chigwell is ready to listen to you, carry out assessment process as well as give a favourable market quote.

Your Window Wizard is a company located in Essex specialized in interior designs, that is, the doors, windows and locks. We are dedicated to provide highest professional solutions and services that suit your building as well as the taste and preference of an individual.

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