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Help Reduce Condensation in your property

If you live in high humid areas, you will be affected in a lot of ways. To curb these issues, you need to reduce the level of humidity by ensuring that your house has enough ventilation and that you have put the fans on. The first step to take in order to repair window condensation problem is to know what causes it and then work towards eliminating these causes. Some of the major causes of condensation on windows in your building are:

i.Poor ventilation
ii.High level of humidity
iii.Old and broken inefficient windows, etc.

At Your Window Wizard, we advise on the best ways to get rid of this condensation. Failure to curb these issues early enough may bring about the replacement of windows. It is important to check if there are damp areas in the house especially in the bathrooms and the kitchen areas. Ensure that you repair any leaks that could be present before they can result to a bigger problem.

Normally, when you note condensation on your windows, it could be as a result of old and broken windows. If the condensation appears between the panes, it can mean that the seals are broken and they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

In some cases, our team of experts may be able to curb the condensation problem by just replacing the sash and glazing. Also, you may be forced to replace the whole window. It depends with the extent of this problem. When you contact us, our first step is to have a pre-visit in order to not only discuss with you the requirements, but also to evaluate how deep the problem is and the best measure that you can undertake in order to save money as well as have a long lasting solution.

In order to avoid replacement of the whole window, it is recommended that you should tend to the condensation problem at its early stages. If your windows are more than 10 years, we recommend that you should replace the whole window so that it can serve you for a long duration of time.

When putting up windows for your building, it is very important to assess the window frames, seals and sashes in order to ensure that they are not cracked. Also carry out a proper research of the windows before you can buy them. At Your window wizard, we not only repair but we also install and supply. When building we will advise on the best window and door frames that will withstand the climate of your area.

In order to fix the condensation problem, we may replace the whole window and if you are building a new house, we will ensure that we advise, supply and install the best windows that will not get so much affected by the humidity and/or the climate of your area.

Apart from dealing with the condensation problem, we deal with all matters that concern the doors, windows and the accessories that are involved.

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